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Olive Oils, Paxamadi rusks, Orlando vine leaves, Tarama and Taramasalata, Caprice cookies, Kataif dough, Fillo dough (3 types of thicknesses), Ion Chocolates, Mahleb, Mastic, Attiki honey, Greek coffee, Orzo pasta and pastitsio noodles, Gigandes, canned stuffed grapeleaves, frozen spanakopitas and tyropitas, Kasseri, Kefalograviera, Kefalotyri, Manouri, Myzthra, and Halloumi cheeses. We stock an extensive selection of feta and olive oils.


Capers, anchovies, Luxardo cherries, extensive selection of balsamic vinegars, Taralli and Italian bread sticks, Bottarga Biscotti, Amaretti & Pizzelle cookies, Ladyfingers, San Marzano tomatoes, "00" Flour, Polenta, Arborio rice, and an extensive pasta selection.


Borsec Mineral water, Zacusca, Pufalets, Mititei, and Sibu Salami.

Bulgaria, Croatia & Serbia, Bosnia, Macedoni:

Cevapi, Kashkaval, Extensive selection of ajvars, Bende and Schmalz meats, Bajadera, frozen Bureks, Vegeta, pickled cabbage heads.

Middle East:

Tahini, Zaatar, Aleppo pepper, Labne, Harissa, Pomegranate molasses, rose water, orange flower water, raz el hanout, halvah, Turkish delight, Couscous, preserved lemons.

Russian & Ukraine:

Buckwheat, sunflower seeds, farmer's cheese, pickled herring, salmon caviar, sprats, cod liver, sushki, Kvas.


Extensive selection of chocolates: Milka, Toblerone, Lindt, Perugina, Chocolove, Kinder, Ritter, and more!


An eclectic selection of hard-to-find wines, from all over the world, including Sake, Vermouths, Marsala, and ports, plus over 100 different Greek wines.

Olive Oils Olive Oils from various European countries
Vinegars Vinegars
Capers Capers
Dolmas Dolmas
Caviar Caviar
Ajvars Ajvars
Pickled everything
Pickled everything
Caviar Cheese
Sparkling Water Sparkling Water
Wines Wines